Thursday, June 20, 2013

Video: Shake That Money Maker

[Day 24: 20:40] Pokello spent the evening shaking her money maker like she was about to get paid for it. A few of the other Rubies joined her provocative performance.


  1. Pokello, you're just a fuckbody! That's all!!! Staring at ur body and wanna straff you!!!

  2. reporters reporting as though they are taking sides.why hilight "GET PAID".wat are u implying?that she is a night gal?she might not be your favourite,but u can't exactly show t in yo report,u gotta stay neutral.

    1. I use to complain about this reporting but no one cared. Is it because now the reporter has hit the nail on its head??

  3. It makes no sense usin abusive words on any of d housemate wen most of us is nt beta dan dem in attitude...we r in no place 2 judge pls