Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Wager: 100 Percent Or Bust!

Both the Rubies and Diamonds have Wagered a cool 100 percent for this week's Task.

The Diamonds are on a roll following last week’s Task success. The gang has decided to Wager a confident 100 percent this week, after doing the same last week. The Rubies on the other hand didn't seem too confident in their abilities and went around in circles, trying to come to a Wager consensus.

A lot of the girls did not seem too comfortable with a Wager of 100 percent, with many expressing their concerns at the Task being all about fitness. After a bit of convincing from LK4 and Neyll, everyone decided 100 percent is the only way to go this week.

"We need to believe in ourselves guys. Let's just go all out. We can do this", Neyll said. Starting today, the Housemates will use the garden, which has been kitted out with fancy training equipment, as a gym, where they will train in preparation for a sexy photo shoot which will take place on Thursday evening, during the Task Presentation.

The Housemates are required to create a training schedule which will see two Housemates training in the garden at a time on a rotational basis, till the Task ends.

The other Housemates will then act as cheerleaders if they aren't training.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Yor Biggie you hav really thought this through this year,like it I like it a lot......love u Biggie

  2. what happend betyween bolt nd betty lastnyt?