Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wager: 100 Percent Or Bust!

The Diamonds seem to have put last week's Task loss behind them.

This morning, the gang decided to Wager 100 percent for this week’s Task, just like their Ruby counterparts.

According to Big Brother's Task brief, the Housemates will experience camping and outdoor living to the fullest, albeit with a twist. Apart from living in tents in a haunted campsite in the garden, the Housemates have been given a special mission. Protect the 'Book of Tales' from thieving imps and goblins at all times.

Both Houses seemed excited at the prospect of possibly having to encounter goblins in the night and having at least four Housemates protecting the book at the campfire didn't look like a tall order.

As soon as Nando and Feza read out the Task brief, the Housemates quickly created a Rota that will be used to ensure the 'Book of Tales' is protected at all times. Will the Housemates succeed?

By Ngeti Dlamini

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