Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wager: Rubies Win, Starvation For Diamonds!

There were screams of jubilation in one House and sheer shock in the other, when the Wager results came in.

After a week of living on the wild side, the Housemates were finally put out of their misery by Big Brother. The Rubies, led by their narrator Fatima, walked away with an incredible Task success. Looks like putting everything on the line with their 100 percent Wager was a good gamble.

The Diamonds on the other hand, lost their sparkle and completely bombed this week. The gang had also Wagered a cool 100 percent of their luxuries shopping budget and were hoping for a repeat of the previous weeks' Task victories. Unfortunately, luck was not on their side this time around.

There was stunned silence as soon as Big Brother delivered the Task results, as the prospect of starving hit home. Once everyone had partially recovered, the gang scoured through the grocery shelves and fridge to see if the House has enough food to sustain them for another week. "This is surely going to be starvation week for us", Melvin said.

Motamma came in as the voice of reason, reminding her fellow Housemates that this week, they will have to cook wisely.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Mcmmm! The diamonds deserves dis. There r so lazy, not participating enough during reheasals. No team works. They sleep, take the task out off granted nd think mercy with miricles will just fall dowmn 2 help them 2 win the wager? Nvr!!! Thank u Biggie there now maybe leant there leason.

  2. Tanks to betty,bolt,Nando n hakeem who alwayz sleep n wen d wake is food.odas try like melvin n maria dat wrote d stript.I know ruby housemates are more relaxed focus due to their emvironment!(As in d house)they behav n tink lik their house unlike Diamonds everytin is like Ghetto n suffering.Bigggie u should have made d houses d same n ur d cause of d way diamonds does tins!So sorry Melvin,He was so so soooooooooo angry!Sorry dude!

  3. It's the card game, the Diamonds are always playing card

  4. Good punishment 4 dem,they haff too many relaxed housemates.lazy people.

  5. All they do is play card, no creativity, only to sleep, finish biggie food, gossip. Dirty pple. They r not entrtaining at all. Bolt n betty shd go pls cz ruby ouse entertains n I lov dem all. They r very creative n intelligent