Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome To The Rubies

After a very emotional swap, the lovers felt rather welcome at the Ruby House. There was even a welcome committee headed by the resident mother, Natasha. There were hugs and lot of chitter chatter when Bolt and his woman came out of the store room.

Natasha was all too nice as she welcomed the couple, even offering Betty a cup of tea. She even told her to feel free in the House because there is no judgement there. A very funny statement coming from the queen of judgement herself, but Betty and Bolt will soon learn how things are done in the Ruby House.

Who would have ever thought that big, fat Bolt could be lifted and carried around the room? Well Elikem did, in excitement the Ghanaian man saw himself fit to do just that. Clearly he was happy to see his ex-Housemate.

Selly left Sulu behind and there’s no guesses as to how the Zambian lad was feeling. However, it seemed he had gotten over being left behind as soon as the new Housemates arrived. He got himself together and joined the other Housemates in welcoming the Diamonds. Good for you Sulu.

Meanwhile in the Diamond House, the love there was not as much but Cleo and Selly felt right at home. Obviously Cleo was all smiles when she came into the House as her beau was waiting with open arms on the other side of the door. It is always nice to see these moments, where lovers are reunited and seem quite happy to be together after a lot of trying times. Hopefully the pair will prove to be stronger together than apart. Welcome to the Diamonds Cleo and Selly, hope your stay is memorable.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Nawaooooooh! I hope dis hakeem n cleo tin wouldn't be more boring dan Betty n bolt cos cleo doesn't want any touch at all n hakeem is hot to touch.

  2. I think the game has jus reachd a turning point, the Feza n Betty saga z gonna continue, Feza being HoH , w@ a coincidence, @ the same tym all those who wr being sayd they r nt usually nominated 4 eviction Bimp, Selly, Maria and Cleo r in da same house nw, wow

  3. Dem go hear am HOT!!! Smh...