Thursday, June 27, 2013

What A Girl Wants

What do women want? That is a question that many men have asked themselves over the ages.

Well today Feza and Fatima decided to shed some light on this mystery. The two Ruby ladies sat outside chatting with the gents of the House. “If my man doesn't attract other women it becomes boring,” the two women confessed.

“If a man is not challenging my mind he can knock off,” the Tanzian emphasised. She also revealed the reason why she is so fascinated by her Tswana lover Oneal. “I like confusion. Oneal confuses me,” she said laughing.

Fatima excitedly echoed her friend’s sentiments as she added that her ideal man is: “A guy that can hold up a good conversation. A guy that can make me laugh. That respects me the way I am”.

Well fellas now you know what it takes to sweep Feza and Fatima off their feet.

Video: My ideal guy is...

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. There's notin we wouldn't hear in dis BBA? In God we put our eyez n ears Amen! Oneal confuses Feza but 4 Pokelo he doesn't exist.

    1. Anonymus 4:58 u realy realy make solid sence!! Hahahahaha very funny