Sunday, June 09, 2013

What's The Deal With Angelo and Maria?

What do you get when you put together a beautiful young model and a red-blooded dancer under the same roof? Instant chemistry that’s what.

Ever since Angelo moved into the Ruby House on Friday he and Maria have been spending a lot of time together and today when the Namibian beauty went over to his bed to the South African for an early morning chat he wrapped himself around her tighter than an anaconda.

Even before moving in with the Rubies, Angelo has been very vocal about his adoration for the pretty Ruby lass. He even chose her as the Housemate he would most like to go on a date during the Housemates “Crush Wall” session. So far Maria has been playing her cards close to her heart and not revealing much about how she feels about him. But it is clear that she enjoys spending time with him and she was smiling very brightly as he playfully held on to her this morning.

Could it be that there is another Ruby romance about to bloom or these two just friends that like to flirt?

Video: Well doesn't this look cosy?

By Lihle Jacobs

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