Saturday, June 08, 2013

Whispers Of A Rendevous

As a few of the Diamond Housemates sat around the kitchen table this morning, they couldn’t help but whisper of the upcoming Rendevous Session this evening between separated lovers, Cleo and Hakeem.

A lot of The Chasers were rooting for the couple to see each other after they were separated when Hakeem was moved to the Diamond House thus leaving Cleo behind.

Annabel seemed very content with the idea that Hakeem and Cleo would be spending a considerable amount of time together in the Rendevous Room. Betty said that tonight ought to be very interesting for the two love birds and hopes they enjoy it.

Bolt was a bit confused as to what the word ‘rendevous’ meant and his lady love was all too keen to explain that the word means ‘appointment’. So Cleo and Hakeem have an appointment to honour later today. What happens when they meet is only for them to know. The rest of the Housemates will have to use their imagination.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Its ur day love bird*Hakeem*go get her. Wc all da best. Muah

  2. I'm just smiling. Cleo may want Hakeem to toast her again o.