Sunday, June 16, 2013

Who Was Swapped?

There has been a whole lot of speculation surrounding tonight's Live Eviction Show in the Ruby House.

This morning, Feza, Selly and Sulu sat in bed and discussed Melvin's Head of House Eviction's swap. Feza was adamant that Nando is up for possible Eviction this week in the Diamond House. "Nando is in a heap of trouble in the Diamond House. He drank all three bottles of alcohol the boys had stashed away for future use. Everyone is angry at him. People love their alcohol", she said. Sulu seemed taken aback by Nando's actions and agreed that if he was swapped, he deserved it. "He deserves to be punished severely.

Matter of fact, he deserves a strike for finishing all the alcohol", he said amusement written all over his face. Feza also correctly pointed out Biguesas as a possible swap victim, highlighting how sick he was most of the week. "He was sick the whole week and was out of the game pretty much. Maybe he got swapped", she said.

Tonight, both the Ruby and Diamond House heads are set to reveal who they 'Saved' from possible Eviction and who they put in their place instead.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Truely,this is a game

  2. Whoever is been evicted it just a game

  3. No mata wat happened on monday nominations.we are ready to save Melvin.Oneluv Africa