Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A Lesson On Fòreplay

Life is getting tougher in Biggie’s House because everybody is on their guard, can’t be seen being physical and one can tell this by the way the Housemates carry on about coitus. How to satisfy your female partner in bed was a hot topic in the Ruby House where Elikem gave a lesson on how to start the process of fòreplay and Sulu was taking notes.

This conversation had started off by Selly telling Elikem that Sulu undrésses her with his eyes to which Elikem told Sulu to always go straight for the thìghs and kiss them. Selly asked Oneal if he’s ever done what Elikem is talking about and he told her that that business gets nàsty.

Sulu told the gang that he once sniffed a woman’s armpits to check whether she was clean and he got shocked when he found that the girl’s armpit was clean. “You could even kiss it, that’s how clean it was,” he said surprised. It goes to show you that Sulu is weirder than we’ve actually sold him to be. Eeuuw Sulu.

Selly told the boys that she’s a clean person, insinuating that the conversation was about her. She must’ve wanted the guys to ask her more about her cleanliness, but nobody did. Instead Elikem spoke about how much attention Ghanaian women demand. “They want you to do all the work,” he said with a smirk. It seems Elikem knows a lot about what he’s talking about and that Pokello is clearly missing out on some good loving.

Do you think Elikem is all bark and no bite?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. I thnk he no what he is on abt.

  2. I thnk He knw wat he s doin

  3. Ppls I think I have a thing for Elikem, Ghana how do you feel abt having a South African inlaw?