Saturday, July 20, 2013

Airtel Picnic: 'I Wanna Smash It' - Nando

There’s a Tanzanian lad on The Chase who prides himself as being the most straight forward guy any girl will ever have the pleasure to meet. This lad goes by the name of Nando and he’s been honest about his feelings about everything in Biggie’s House, sometimes pushing his boundaries and making people wonder about him.

A few days ago Nando had a very intense conversation about his family and the way he was raised, saying that he doesn’t know the kind of love a female who is not part of his family has to give, hence we started understanding this cute lad. Today on the talk show he was under scrutiny and inevitably he had to answer for breaking poor Selly’s heart.

“Look I don’t lie to chicks, I told Selly exactly what my intentions with her were,” he said explaining the first conversation he had with her. Apparently Selly hadn’t told Nando about Sulu, not that it would’ve changed anything. Nando said that he only found out about Sulu liking Selly a few days after they had chilled together. “I just wanna smash it,” he said as he usually does when he refers to a girl that he’d like to have coital relations with.

Uganda’s Sophie asked Nando whether his straight talk always worked for him with the ladies and he said that his straight talk eliminated any expectations and that women who knew what they wanted appreciated him eliminating the lies. Sophie didn’t seem impressed with Nando’s wild and careless ways, especially because some women would rather have men lie to them about certain things, especially intimacy. Nando couldn’t be fazed, not even a tad bit about people's expectations.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Dats fair enough cos is not gd to raise smones ope n dash if u make ur intentions clear,then there will be choices to choose from.

  2. Nando keeps repeating that he and selly had sex and there r videos to prove so selly u better shut up than keep on denying cos u r drawing a lot of attention to ur smash it issue hehehe

    1. is she denying it? Selly is not her mum.

  3. Selly denies she and nando "smashed" thank God we heard from the horses mouth.women and secrets.this one na chop and clean mouth.

  4. this Nando guy is a dog. how can you live in this world like that? you should be buying dogs, smashing it and disposing them off when and if you want. fool