Friday, July 12, 2013

Airtel Showdown: Dazzling Diamonds Dominate

Ka-pow! What was that? It’s the sound of the Diamonds kicking the Rubies' butts at today's Airtel Showdown.

This afternoon the Ruby Housemates faced off against the Diamond Housemates in a friendly game of soccer at the Airtel Showdown Arena. The Diamonds wiped the floor with the Rubies and managed to get themselves a 7-3 victory.

My oh my, how things quickly change in the Big Brother House it was not so long ago when the Diamonds just couldn't catch a break and kept on suffering loss after loss at the hands of the Rubies. This must make today's victory that much more sweet.

Now that the Diamonds have clinched a victory, Head of House Melvin has the daunting task of having to pick two Housemates from each House to swap residences. Which Housemates do you think Melvin will swap?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. He should send Feza back to Oneal and carry Natasha and Elikem tpo Diamond hse, Cleo should also move back tp Rubby hse.

  2. Melvin won't want 2 break elikem n pokello,he will take angello n natasha den send feza n cleo

  3. Melvin will swap dillish, cleo to ruby hux, 4rm d ruby to diamond is natasha and selly since sulu is d new hoh..

  4. finally! It feels gud to see those obnoxious rubies loose esp sulu natasha n oneal