Friday, July 05, 2013

Airtel Showdown: The Rubies Are On A Winning Streak

The Ruby Housemates have won most of their Tasks and the Arena Showdown challenges and today they added yet another success under the proverbial belt. The Ruby House seems to be the House people want to be in because not only are they clean but also very competitive hence they win their challenges most of the time.

The Airtel Showdown challenge started off with a coin toss to see which House would go through the obstacle course first. The Diamonds won the toss and were the first to tackle the challenge with Melvin and Pokello at the start point. Surprisingly, the Zimbabwean diva gave it her all as she ran, crawled, jumped and shot her ball into the hoop right alongside her partner and team mate Melvin. Her efforts were quite impressive.

The Diamonds all had their turn around the obstacle course and were all done in 03:58 thanks to a very slow Selly who had tried shooting hoops at least four to five times. The Diamonds could have finished at least 30 seconds earlier had the Ghanaian honey been a tad faster. Hakeem ended the Diamond run with a slam dunk, excited that his team fairly well.

The Rubies were on fire from the onset and were on point from when Sulu and Fatima went through the obstacle course like it was nothing. The two made a really good team, one most of the other pairs worked hard in keeping up with.

Oneal and Elikem were a power pair and they moved through that challenge so fast you’d swear they were making up for the time lost by Annabel and Natasha. However, the two went over the net instead of under, so Biggie penalized them by adding 20 seconds to their 03:02 record time but they still won the challenge. Clearly you can’t keep a good team down. Well done Rubies.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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  1. Biggie ur a cheat: The ruby's cheated on d game n u still gav them victory after announcin dat d cheated! Pokelo is very wicked.she can't 4giv any human being in life.she jos beggd hakeem to put nando n feza up 4eviction next wk but I pray hakeem goes on sunday!