Friday, July 26, 2013

Airtel Showdown: The White Team Takes The Game

The two teams had been selected and by both the red and white team captains, Sulu and Nando. Which team is the strong one would remain to be seen after the Airtel Arena Showdown soccer game.

When the game kicked off, there was instant craze over who gets to not just kick it around but who will actually score the first goal. At the goal post for the red team was Kenyan beauty Annabel who missed the first goal as the ball landed at the back of the net. The goalkeeper for the white team was Botswana’s Oneal who took his job quite seriously as he tried his best to let none of the reds score another goal.

During their half time break, when the cameras were on Elikem, he sent a quick shout out to the love of his BBA life Pokello and asked her where she was. Obviously there was no way of him finding out but we hope she heard his shout out.

The game was rather intense, the white team was scoring and was in the lead but the red team was having none of that. The second half started off with one goal from the red team and then there was a second one and a third one. Clearly they were motivated.

When all was said and done, the white team was victorious and they beat the red team by one point, it was a close game indeed. Congrats to the white team.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. So sweet of Elikem,hope d love stays real 4 eva.shout out to pokello,my hommie 4 zim zim,love u loads.miss ur face in d bb house

  2. Honestly @ Esther miss miss Swaggers face #crying#

  3. Please if u miss that duckling u can go look for her in zim! Harare! And stop annoying us here! She's past tense so why mention her here? Go cry a river in harare!

  4. Camera guyz are hopeless in der job in bba

  5. Wats ur problem wit d camera guys,just shut d fuck up an piss off.