Thursday, July 25, 2013

Angelo and Eveva's Sèxy Body Party

Eveva has been turning up the sexy in a major way.

This morning, Angelo was treated to one of the sexiest massages we've seen in a while. Emeraldmate Eveva pulled out all the stops for her moment with the South African, who seemed amused by the sexy Zambian's antics.

The songstress made a meal out of the whole massage scenario, moaning her way through it and alternating between kneading Angelo's back and gyrating seductively to the sounds blasting over the speakers. When Alusa walked by and saw Eveva at it, he told the two "There's massage and then there's foreplay you guys."

Where was Beverly as all of this unfolded, you ask? The sexy Nigerian was upstairs in the bedroom catching some shut eye. Eveva is no doubt one hot sister. However, some of the coupled up Chasemates might not take too kindly to her bold, flirtatious ways, especially where their men are concerned.

If Beverly and Eveva were to be thrown into a boxing ring, who would win this fight?

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. i so dont feel this Evava chick, uhmm lets wait and c

  2. Rem d 9t Bev n pokelo were playing n it turn to real skills! Guyz I was shocked bev was so strong n alwayz on top pokelo:eveva n her dirty hair style hmmmmm but she is d only one doing d fake tin gud 4me n others are jos der.Assuming bev saw them she wouldn't take it personal cos she isn't Feza or Oneal!

  3. This Eveva looks like a grandma on drugs!!! And why is she wearing a coinbelt??? Im a Bellydancer and i take offence as to how she is degrading our Art. Its time for her and her boring team to Bounce,No wonder they didnt survive the audition for coming to the house in the first place!

  4. Wow, thanks for reminding me, I love that Pokello and Beverly play, very classic, 2 strong women, and as u said, I was surprised at the way Bev seems to be on top of Poki most of the time.

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