Friday, July 05, 2013

Annabel and Angelo's Blooming Relationship

There's no doubt that Kenya's Annabel, 24, and South Africa's Angelo, 36, have taken a liking to each other.

Following  an intense confrontation with Oneal leaving Annabel allegedly stealing his drinks, Annabel went upstairs to plead her case to her housemates.  Oneal refused to apologize and the Kenyan was left watery-eyed over the drama.

In a vulnerable state over the allegations and being ganged up upon, Annabel opened up to Angelo.

When Angelo confronted Annabel about why she had never told him how she felt, the Kenyan told the South African that he was immature back when they were both in the Diamond House.

It seems like Angelo is trying to set things straight with Annabel.  Perhaps the South African is trying to reel the Kenyan in?

Angelo is up for possible eviction this week.

Do you think Annabel and Angelo would make a good couple?

By Capital Lifestyle KE


  1. They will nt b good together. Annabel disrespects Angelo n speak with him anyhow.

  2. Phuck ds annabel.I haaate (basseys voic

    1. She has an irritating voice

  3. No ways! It a Biiiiiig Noooooooo!