Friday, July 19, 2013

Arena: Smooches and Goals Galore

You could have sworn the World Cup is back in Africa, when the Chasemates ditched their casuals, in favour of some seriously sporty gear this afternoon.

This week, soccer - the game loved by millions across the globe - was the central focus of the Airtel Arena Challenge. The Diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds were pitted against each other in a test of coordination and stamina.

As soon as the Emeralds stepped into the Arena, there was uncontrollable excitement as the Diamonds and Rubies scrambled to greet the latest additions to the game. Once the dust had settled however, some Housemates started breaking away to discuss the game. Feza and Annabel cornered Alusa and told him who he should send to the Ruby House in case he is given the opportunity to swap.

Angelo and Beverly also took the Arena as an opportunity to engage in some sexy mouth to mouth action. The two lovebirds kissed for a bit and had eyes for only each other. When Big Brother's voice boomed out from the Arena speakers however, the meetings in all corners of the games area were broken up and the Chasemates finally concentrated on the Task.

"You will have to dribble a soccer ball through the course in front of you. Each Housemate will do this individually and will have to cover the length of the course three times, before they join their fellow teammates on the bench", Big Brother said.

The Chasemates looked ready for war and attacked the Task with great aplomb. Why wouldn't they, considering that the House that wins makes the exciting House Swap decision? The boys seemed to be enjoying the challenge more than the girls, who struggled to score goals. Better luck next time, ladies.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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