Monday, July 08, 2013

Bassey Rubs Down Dillish and Annabel

What a lucky man that Bassey is; tonight he managed to get his hands on not one but two of the Diamond House's sexiest ladies.

After a long day that included very emotional Evictions for Hakeem and Fatima; the worn down Diamond dames needed a little tender loving care and lucky for them Bassey was on hand and ready to serve. In the wee hours of the morning the Sierra Leonean turned the Diamond House bedroom into a makeshift massage parlour. He and his magic hands first worked the kinks out of Annabel's sexy back. The saucy Kenyan opted to go topless for her sensual rub down.

After her Bassey then moved on to his delicious Dillish. The gorgeous Namibian also opted to go topless for her sensual rub down. The Sierra Leonean climbed on top of her as she lay face down and carefully poured massage oil on her back. He then proceeded to work his magic hands all over her as well.

In the past Dillish has said that she has a crush on Bassey while he told Beverly that he is attracted to her but he thinks that she is the kind of girl that would break his heart. Will this pair ever take things to the next level between them?

From the looks on both of the ladies faces in the middle of the night it was clear that Bassey is a man that is very good with his hands. Lucky ladies!

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By Lihle Jacobs


  1. bassey is gay. cant they see it???i mean really now. its so obvious!

  2. U r gay too.for using such words on someone u barely know,watch ur mouth .its rude to judge ppl that way.gosh haters! So bassey being on hs own witot a girl means he's gay? Inexposure has dealt wt u.grow out of ur lil shell.

  3. Bassey may just be a jolly nice guy who grew up amongst girls and subconsciously imbibed girlish mannerism, which also includes being well domesticated in cooking and house keeping. Whichever way, I like Bassey and wish him all the best in this game, with my delicious Dellish....I love them both.

  4. bro make them fill u am with u til the end from your twine bro junior Jacob

  5. Dilish is to beautiful to fall for bassey.