Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Booze Times Are Here Again

We all know the Housemates have their best and sometimes worst times when they are hitting the bottle. Tonight was no different as the Chasemates took to knocking shots one at a time. Booze and fun times are here again.

The past few weeks have proven to be the hardest as the Housemates lost some of their best competitors to Evictions, the likes of Pokello, Sulu, Annabel and Bassey being the last few to exit the House. The up side was that there was more booze for the remaining Housemates. The resident booze distributor Annabel was clearly missed tonight.

However, the Housemates went on with their drinking games and then they decided to play a game of hide and seek where Bimp had to find everyone as they hid in the House. Needless to say Oneal was not interested and opted to rather finish his painting and his girl Feza was nowhere to be found.

Where there’s booze, there’s fun in Biggie’s House. Drink on Housemates, tough times are near.

What other games could the Housemates play to get rid of their boredom?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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  1. These guys gave me a lot to laf abt yestenight. I love de games.