Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Breaking News: Emerald Video Chat

After redeeming the tokens Big Brother had hidden in both the Ruby and Diamond Houses last week, Elikem and Annabel finally had their one on one Video Chat sessions with fake Housemates, Alusa from Kenya and Busi from South Africa. Elikem looked out of his element at first when he saw Alusa's face on a big TV in the Diary Room.

The Ghanaian had initially thought this would be a normal Diary Session. Elikem didn't hesitate to grab the opportunity with both hands and let his curiosity take over. He started firing off questions about the Emerald House, which Alusa gladly answered.

When Alusa asked Elikem who is up for possible Eviction in the Ruby House this week, Elikem told him "Me and Pokello". Alusa went in for the kill and waxed lyrical about how gorgeous Pokello is. All Elikem could do was laugh uncomfortably. As soon as the session ended, Elikem quickly rushed to the Ruby lounge and filled his fellow Housemates in on what had just happened.

Annabel, on the other hand, left her Video Chat convinced that the Emerald House is not real. "I just had a Video Chat with Busi, one of the Emeralds. I honestly am not convinced. Big Brother is playing us. Everything looked so staged", she said. Dillish seemed to be one of the few Housemates who are convinced the Emerald House actually exists. "I will tell you now. The Emerald House is real", the Namibian said.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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