Sunday, July 14, 2013

Breaking News: The Emeralds' Mission Revealed!

Speculation is rife in the House and beyond as to who the Emerald Housemates are, and what their mission is exactly. Well Big Brother has roped in the Emeralds to spice up The Chase and to give the Chasemates a well needed adrenaline rush.

The Emeralds made an unexpected appearance at the Channel O Party on Saturday night and the effects were amazing. We saw a few Chasemates marking their territories after the Party. The likes of Pokello kissing Elikem openly and Beverly and Angelo bonding intimately in the bedroom as well as Feza telling Oneal how to act around the ladies. During the Live Eviction Show, IK revealed that the Emeralds will move into the Big Brother House next week Friday after competing against the Rubies and the Diamonds at the Airtel Arena Showdown. "These are fake Housemates so they are definitely not competing for the most coveted USD300 000 and you at home will not be Voting for them at any point." IK emphasised.

He added that the Emerald Housemates have one mission and that is to confuse the real Housemates and convince them that the Emerald House is real, and has been co-existing with the Ruby and Diamond Houses since The Chase started. Blood pressures will hike during the course of the week as the Emerald Housemates will be making well calculated appearances via The Crush wall and Video Chat Sessions in the Diary Room. If what they did at the Party Zone is anything to go by, then the Chasemates are in for a nasty ride.

Do the fake Emerald Housemates have what it takes to succeed on their mission?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Biggie i dont like this idear al all. Am begining to luz interest. Look @ de way they started condeming ppl already

  2. Its true cz these pple are going to cause problemz to the real competitors.leading them to disqaulification

  3. The emmerald thing is becoming a big bore

    1. True there's no need to drag it that far

  4. I individualy dnt like it

  5. I don't u guys understand what a real game is called.. Ride on biggie n spice things Up.. Whosoever owns that grand shall walk away with it on the last day!

  6. Its a game biggie hs the ryt to decide who cums to e house. I luv the emarald idea........let e housemates be tested

  7. Emerald idea sucks biggy especially that Evavi bitch saying she wants to frustrate Pokello for what????????????