Saturday, July 13, 2013

Breaking News: Letters From Home

There were tears of joy and screams of excitement when Big Brother surprised the Housemates with letters from home this morning. Getting those letters however, proved to be a bit of a mission.

To test the Housemates selflessness and will to sacrifice for others, Big Brother placed envelopes with the Chasemates names in a shredding machine.

The Rubies got envelopes belonging to Housemates from the Diamond House and vice versa. Big Brother gave each House 15 minutes to press the red button to activate the shredder. This gave the Housemates a bit of a problem when it came to crunch time.

After much bickering, the Diamonds decided to sacrifice reading their letters from home for the Rubies sake, by choosing not to activate the shredder. The Rubies on the other hand did not hesitate to press the red button at the sound of the buzzer.

When the Diamonds found out what the Rubies had done, there was shock and disappointment written all over their faces. However, Big Brother, as always, stepped in and saved the day by giving both Houses letters from their loved ones.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Ohhh! It was touching having to watch their reactions as they read. Tnx to Bev's mom for cautionin her daughter abt Alcohol intake. But she shuld hv also told her to cover her breast more too. Am sore to eyes @d sight of dem. I loved wen annabel cald her pet's name-whisky. It reminds me of D hi-lights for me was Bassey. Lots of love frm here too. **muuuaaahhhh**

  2. Beverley cannot cover her body. She is a model, and she is smart enough to know that BB House is not all about the prize money. It's a platform given to the housemates to advertize their gifts and talents to the whole of africa. Beverley is doing just that, while still playing the game. Welldone Beverley!

  3. I love beverly she's the only real person in bba chase

  4. Bev, my girl I love you