Friday, July 19, 2013

Breaking News: A Násty Yet Pleasant Surprise!

The Chasemates are in for a nasty yet pleasant surprise today with the much-anticipated Merge with the Diamond House.

What they don’t know though is that the fake Emeralds will also be joining the party. As the Emeralds take part in the Airtel Arena Showdown today, they will also be going the extra mile, into the Big Brother Africa House. They are moving in!

Just as the Chasemates had put behind any possibility of a Merge, what with the HoH Task they did earlier in the day, Biggie will spring it all on them today after the Airtel Showdown.

The Emeralds made their debut appearance at the Party Zone during last Saturday’s Channel O Party and have since been in and out of the Chasemates’ lives. Apart from joining IK on the Live Eviction Show stage on Sunday, the Emeralds have been enjoying Video Chats with the Chasemates throughout the week, which should have them well prepared for their mission.

As if that is not enough, Biggie will seal the unity with a Merge Fiesta characterized by splendor, celebration and feasting.

Which House will the Chasemates move into and do you think the fake Emeralds have their missiles in order to nail their mission?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Whoawwwww.biggie full of suprises.

  2. They are moving into the Ruby house.

  3. Conspiracy has already started. Annabel,feza and Alusa r planning seriously against naija melvin n Beverly.naija r not among d emerald housemate is too dad west africa r nt happy abt it

  4. Hmnnnn, West Africa worry not I will be the nxt Emerald house to rep Nigeria.Anabel, Feza & Alusa should be ready for a show down.. Melvin is untouchable.