Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Breaking News: The Return Of The Talking Fish

As Selly was walking the corridors of the Diamond House, minding her own business, the fish that had her freaked out last week started talking to her again. Fortunately there was no other Housemates around to hear what the fish was saying.

The fish, whose name remains unkown, told Selly that she did a great job last week when the fish had instructed her to go to the store room, take the Book of Tales back to the Diamonds and pretend that she knew nothing about it. As her reward, the fish told her that he organized something for her and that she should check the store room, once again, for what her reward was.

Selly was first freaked out because the voice of the fish came out of nowhere, much like the last time it spoke to her but as she listened to what it was telling her, she started getting a bit excited and ran for the store room. In there she found a box of chocolates, the expensive kind and when she walked out, she couldn’t wait to tell someone so she called out for Elikem.

As much as Selly was rewarded for bringing the Book of Tales back to the Diamonds, do you think that she can be trusted? If the fish had actually asked her to steal the book from her Housemates, do you think she would have done it?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Biggie and surprisesssssssssss, lets see how it goes with sally

  2. I'm so sure selly wld av stolen d book if she had been askd to do so. Its all part of d game

  3. SeLly will even steal a housemate talk less of book. U guyz don't know selly.

    1. and you know her better?

    2. Yes very well!Any other question?

  4. Bi----------ggie you are at it again. You too muchoooooooooo and I L-O-V-E you.