Thursday, July 11, 2013

Breaking News: Selly's Epic Explosion

There was near chaos in the Ruby House when an angry Selly finally exploded at Sulu.

For the past couple of weeks, Selly has been going back and forth with Sulu about how she cannot be in a romantic relationship with him and can only offer him friendship. Unfortunately this has fallen on deaf ears because Sulu has been pushing for something more every chance he gets.

Today, Selly decided to gather all her fellow Chasemates in the lounge to hash out the issues that have arisen because of her issues with Sulu. "There has been a lot of gossip in the house and I feel like our relationship should be clarified", Selly began calmly.

Unfortunately once the conversation had gone on for over 30 minutes, with Sulu denying that he had banned Selly from being close to any boys in the House other than him, Selly exploded in spectacular fashion. Selly screamed "I blame all of the evil people that you listen to in this house", amongst many other things.

Sulu just laughed in Selly's face, which seemed to piss her off even more. Last night, Sulu was embroiled in yet another messy fight with Natasha.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Sulu go home,it seems u're tired

  2. Natasha and Sulu to go home please, enough is enough.

  3. Sulu, Natasha and Selly MUST leave the BB House. Their gossip and web of lies is way too much. What a very nasty way of playing the game??? Clearly, they don't understand the opportunity being in the game presents. BB House is a platform given to ALL the contestants to advertise their talents/skills/gifts to the whole of Africa. It's not all about the prize money. You may not win the money but come out to start a very thrilling career and make MORE cash than the prize money. This is what these short-sighted house-mates (Sulu, Natasha and Selly) are forgetting. Genuine friendships with correct networking can take them far than the prize money. The people in Diamond House are better, because they somehow understand this. That's why they are having lots of fun WHILE still playing the game. And, that's why the winner will come from the Diamond House! VOTE MELVIN in the meanwhile.

  4. Hey leave Natasha alone,she wont go home until the last day. All my votes to u Tasha.