Sunday, July 14, 2013

Catch Up: Another Week Gone By

This start of this past week wasn’t as dramatic as its end and you will remember why. As we all may know, last Sunday’s Eviction show saw the hunky Zimbawean Hakeem and gorgeous and talented Malawian Fatima pack their bags and headed for the exit, because Africa said so. Hakeem didn’t even get to be the Head of House he was meant to be.

Monday was a day for Nominations and once again Natasha made yet another appearance after a week of not being Nominated. Cleo made her way under the chopping block as well purely because Bassey thought it was time she felt how it was to be Nominated for Eviction. The Ruby lovers, Pokello and Elikem were also thrown under the Nominations bus and so was Annabel, Melvin and Selly. Who will make it is entirely up to Africa.

Having Nominations out of the way paved yet another way to the fun and games which Biggie dished out quite easily. This week he tested the Housemate’s mind power as their challenge was a game of Chess, a thinking game indeed. Some of the Housemates, like Dillish, ended up learning a thing or two about chess and even liked the game. This was what Biggie had wanted to achieve and he did.

On this week’s Crush Wall Oneal, Angelo and Melvin were the Housemates’ favourites and they scored themselves hot dates to the Rendezvous Room. Beverly and Angelo obviously picked up where they left off last Saturday after the Channel O Party while Feza and her man Oneal had a respectable date and a good time together, away from prying eyes. Melvin took Selly out and they also shared a decent meal and a chat in private.

The Housemates in both Houses had won their 100% Wager back after their Task Presentations on Thursday and they therefore partied like rock stars as the store room had some drinks ready and waiting. The Diamonds had more to celebrate on Friday when they whipped the Rubies on the Airtel Arena Showdown in a game of soccer. Oneal’s plan to win the game and trash the Diamonds didn’t work out as he planned and he was therefore disappointed but at least his wife Feza was swapped back to the Diamond House and was there to make him feel better about the Rubies’ performance on the field.

As mentioned, Feza was swapped back to the Diamonds together with Zambia’s Cleo, Natasha had to bite the bullet and cross over to the Diamonds as per Melvin’s instructions. Although she was not happy about being swapped, it looks like she might have mellowed down a bit and have actually started enjoying the company of the Diamond Housemates.

Yesterday the Emerald Housemates were introduced and they made an appearance at the Channel O Party where all the other Housemates could see them, through a thick glass wall though. The Rubies and the Diamonds were rather flabbergasted at first but then resolved to enjoying the little time they had in the Party Room. Although some were finally convinced of the existence of the Emeralds, others like Nando and Melvin still didn’t believe that the Emeralds were a genuine bunch and part of The Chase. Could they be right about this?

And needless to say the Chasemates had a very drunken evening last night, this one topped all the days they’d been drinking since the beginning of The Chase. Melvin and Bimp were fortunately around to help those who couldn’t help themselves into bed. Today the Nominees had their hair done pending their fate for Evictions tonight. And the cycle begins again tomorrow. Good luck to the Nominees tonight.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Hmmmmmm! Good luck to you Melvin.

  2. Yeeeah!!! Good luck to d humble n swt Melvin:

  3. Amen Amen Amen.wishing melvin all d best.Africa is behind u no matter what.

  4. Amen. Melvin is sure to stay.