Sunday, July 07, 2013

Catch Up: The Week That Was!

The week started off on a rather dramatic note. Elikem's main squeeze, Pokello was swapped to the Diamond House by Ruby Head of House Feza. This move further confounded their already unsavoury relationship. These two sexy divas are still not on talking terms as a result.

On Sunday evening, Maria and Bolt were booted out of The Chase, leaving the other Housemates stunned. Life went on however on Monday, as the Chasemates got down to Nominating their fellow Housemates for possible Eviction this week. On the same day, Big Brother injected some much needed excitement by giving the Chasemates a Task like no other; the Wedding Task.

The Chase's resident couples Oneza and HaCleo stepped up to the plate and played bride and groom in their respective domains. Feza and Oneal even went traditional with their nuptials. Hakeem revealed how he and Pokello will never be friends, despite the fact that Pokello feels otherwise. Ouch! On a lighter note, the Chasemates decided to reunite Pokello and Elikem in the Rendezvous Room, which they succeeded in doing.

The Housemates also got busy with planning sexy stag and hen parties for the couples, which were super successful. Unfortunately the Ruby party ended in tears after Oneal, Annabel and Sulu got into a heated argument. All the tears were forgotten on Thursday evening when both Houses pulled off really impressive weddings in the garden. The Diamonds went bold and daring for HaCleo's wedding, while the Rubies went the simple route for Oneza's nuptials.

Oneza then had to deal with a storm, just a couple of hours after getting "married". Elikem decided to swap Feza to the Diamond House, after she put in the request, without Oneal's knowledge. Elikem brought Pokello back to the Ruby House, but unfortunately all that joy quickly turned to a break up in the Rendezvous Room.

Finally, Angelo and Beverly closed off the week in a bang, by sharing the snog of a lifetime after the Channel O party.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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