Sunday, July 28, 2013

Catch Up: What A Dramatic Week!

The week started off on a rather sad note. Elikem's main squeeze, Pokello was booted out of the game alongside Sierra Leonean cutie Bassey, leaving the other Housemates stunned.

Bimp, who had put Bassey on the chopping block with his HoH 'Save and Replace' powers, immediately headed to the bedroom to pray after the Sierra Leonean's departure. Life went on however on Monday, as the Chasemates got down to Nominating their fellow Housemates for possible Eviction this week. On the same day, Big Brother injected some much needed excitement by giving the Chasemates a Task like no other - the Ghandour Film Festival Movie Task.

Dillish and Nando got into a fight and then made up later. After close to a week in the House, the Emeralds were already losing patience with each other. "We are slowly getting on each other’s nerves and I'm seeing a lot of diva tendencies," Jazz said. After being placed on the chopping block by his best buddy Sulu, Angelo expressed how disappointed and betrayed he felt. "Our relationship will never be the same," the South African Housemate said. On the love front, the Oneza's seemed to be going strong. Feza even told Big Brother her secret to a lasting relationship. "Someone has to play the fool for love," the sexy Tanzanian said.

Emeraldmate Eveva shook things up with her sexy dance moves and her free massages. Big Brother also introduced the fun Close Up Task that had the Chasemates creating life size tooth outfits. At random times, Big Brother would sound the buzzer and all the Housemates would get cleaned using a giant toothbrush.

Entertainment bigwigs Jackie Appiah and Akin Omotoso made an appearance as guest judges during the Task Presentation on Thursday evening. The Emeralds finally exited the game on Thursday night. Before they left, all was revealed - the Emeralds were fake Chasemates all along. There was drama during the Head of House Task when Oneal and Elikem tied for first position. These two are all set for an exciting tie-breaker on Monday, where the HoH title will be decided.

Friday evening brought on loads of drama in the House. Nando and Elikem got into a heated battle that shook the House to the core. On Saturday evening, the Housemates partied away without alcohol and got to relax for a bit.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Biggie d info isn't complete!

  2. I'm SA@I luv Nando.He is a troublesome guy and we must love him@nt hate him.I see many good things in him.Remember people @ this is a fact.'God gives his Hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.God loves y Nando @ so do I.Biggie knew why he picked y.

  3. Wat is he talking about? Must peep comment? Gosh!!!