Sunday, July 21, 2013

Catch Up: What Went Down This Week

This was the week that Biggie proved that living in his House is like living inside his personal blender - you never know when he'll decide to shake things up.

Nothing could have prepared the Diamonds and Rubies for the shock and disappointment they got when Biggie announced that both Houses had lost out on their 100% Wager after they failed to impress him at this week's Circus Task.

On Friday the sneaky Emeralds made a surprise appearance at the Airtel Showdown and not soon after that Big Brother to drop the bombshell on the Chasemates that the Housemates are getting Merged. With the Diamonds, Emeralds and Rubies all under one roof, HoH Sulu found himself having to be the ruler of 19 raucous Chasemates.

Things have Angelo and Beverly. They both said their first "I love you" to one another during a steamy date in the Rendezvous Room.

This past Sunday Africa bid farewell to Natasha and Selly; two of the most controversial and entertaining ladies in The Chase. Natasha's exit saw Malawi take a bow out of The Chase.

By Lihle Jacobs

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