Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Crush Wall: Chasemates Play Cupid

When it comes to budding love these Housemates have hearts as soft as marshmallows as they have proven time and again.

Today the Housemates chose to play Cupid to try and reunite Elikem and Pokello. Many of the Ruby Housemates voted for the sassy Zimbabwean while in the Diamond House the most of Chasemates gave their votes to her boo Elikem. Even Hakeem who is not all that fond of Pokello used both of his votes for the Ghana man.

Selly and Nando came a close second to Pokello, they both tied with with four votes each. It seems despite all of his denial, Sulu is still holding a candle for Selly even though the Ghana lady made it clear that she is not willing to be more than friends with him. He voted for her despite declaring that he wouldn’t. It looks like Annabel wants to get some alone time with Nando she and Natasha used all of their votes for him.

In the Diamond House, the Housemates also used many of their votes for Angelo but as to who exactly they want to rope in the South African for, is not yet clear. Hmmm, who could be the mystery person that is crushing on Angelo?

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By Lihle Jacobs