Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crush Wall: The Emeralds Have Landed

The Housemates have voted for their favourite or rather the person that they have a crush on and it looks like although most Chasers voted for Housemates they know, some are rather curious about the fake Emerald bunch.

In the Ruby House, both Pokello and her man Elikem were the only Housemates that voted for the fake Emerald Housemates, JJ and Eveva. Pokello used both her votes on the Zimbabwean JJ while her man voted for Beverly and Eveva. Could Elikem be prowling around for another Housemate to infiltrate or is he just curious? But then again Emerald’s Eveva did mention that she’ll be coming after Elikem as soon as she gets the chance. Watch out Pokello.

Nigerian model Beverly had the most crush votes from the Rubies, she bagged 6 votes altogether while Annabel was close with 5 votes.

Meanwhile in the Diamond House, Melvin was as curious about the Emeralds and therefore gave his two votes to Sophie and Busi. Clearly the curiosity of the mysterious Emeralds is killing the Chasemates today because Dillish, Bimp and Nando each gave a vote to one of the Emeralds, mainly the South African born Busi. Annabel’s two votes went to the gorgeous Alusa from Kenya. Could she be hoping for a real connection from this Emerald? Good luck Annabel.

Ruling the Crush Wall from the Diamond side was South African choreographer Angelo who would be delighted to know that his love Beverly won in the other House as well. But for now we’ll have to wait for the results from the man himself, Biggie.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Beverly should not meet Angelo, I don't want to see the part 2 of their debauchery last Saturday night.

  2. Get a life hater!

  3. Angelo an Beverly sucks

  4. You people shld go n hang urslf with tissue paper lols leave Bev and Angelo alone m sure u ll do wrse if u were in the house