Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crush Wall: Love Conquers All

Cupid strikes again and this time, the Chasemates are rooting for Angelo and Beverly, Melvin and Selly, as well as Oneza.

You can always count on the Rubies and Diamonds to unite for a cause and if that cause is romance, then the Chasemates 'turn up' in a major way.

This morning the Housemates took to the Diary Room and picked their candidates for a romantic evening in the Rendezvous Room this Saturday. The Rubies all seemed to be unanimous in their decision to make it happen for Melvin and Selly, who are crushing on each other.

Sulu, who likes Selly, is the only one who didn't vote for this particular rendezvous. Instead, Sulu chose to vote for Beverly, who shared a passionate snog with Angelo last Saturday, as well as Feza, who he hopes will reunite with Oneal for an hour of rest and relaxation.

The Diamonds, on the other hand, went all out in their campaign to reunite Feza and Oneal, as well as Angelo and Beverly. We smell champers and strawberries and cream in the air!

Do you think the Chasemates made the right Crush Wall choices?

By Ngeti Dlamini

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