Monday, July 08, 2013

Daybreak: And The Pressure Mounts

After a very emotional goodbye to two of the most awesome Chasers, the remaining Housemates were at a loss for words, particularly the gorgeous Zambian lady Cleo who had to be strong for herself as her partner was Evicted. The Diamond House will never be the same for this young beauty.

The Rubies were all rather numb after the Eviction of Fatima, especially her best buddy-o-pal Elikem who now had to focus on mending fences with his only friend Pokello. Whispers were heard between the two in the wee hours of the morning, trying to fix things, we hope. We couldn’t hear much of their conversation but the little we got was them talking about making truce. Well at least they were sharing a bed again, a good move in the right direction.

Sulu was his old charming self as he shared stories of days when he used to hit on women and that he came to realize that women and money go hand-in-hand. We couldn’t help wonder why he hasn’t had a hook up in the House, could it be that he thinks that the women in Biggie’s House could be after his money as well? Mmhh Sulu, you haven’t won the money just yet bro.

This morning was no different to any other after Eviction night. The Housemates got up to their usual exercise routine, with most of them absent as usual. After the exercise, Elikem chilled with his hand on his face in the lounge, trying to avoid the eyes of both Oneal and Sulu. Could there be unsaid beef lurking in the corridors of the Ruby House? All will probably be revealed this week.

Do you think Oneal has beef with Elikem for swapping his lady to the Diamonds?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Ghana pls if you want your boy to stay in de game stop voting for Pokello coz she will be his downfall

  2. Yes that is true, we remember LK4 and Koketso, Hakeem and next week it will be Cleo and now Elikem is in a chopping board with Pokello. Pls Ghana let's safe ours

  3. Of cos Ghana shld save Eli,Zim shld save Poki as well.but I don't agree dat poki is bring eli in support of wat Eli did last week.Feza is evil let's admit it.she asked eli to swap her if dey win and said same to melvin too,besides feza loves seperating couples.same she did did to bolt and betty.when she saved sm1 and put bolt in betty in dat she swapped pokello again and u guys are saying pokello is bring elikem down.when Feza started it all.afterall elikem didn't save himself and but feza d way she did.Does Oneal and Sulu expect him to put his gal away? Who does dat? Elikem jst returned Feza d favour.Who know weda feza is still crushing ova Eli and jealous of Pokello

  4. you guyz are also failling to focus well on this game its not about couples but laying back to entertain.

  5. Pokello and Elikem are just being natural. Who on this mother earth would not be tempted by such a paragon like Pokello ?