Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Daybreak: As Busy As A Bassey

It looks like Bassey woke up on the right side of bed this morning. We wonder why; could it have anything to do with all of the time the young student has been spending with a certain pretty Namibian named Dillish? The two were up in the wee hours of the morning chatting together and having made up conversations with their favourite celebraties.

Then the Sierra Leonean woke up early this morning singing in a cheerful mood that shined brighter than the African sun. For most of the morning, he has been quiet a busy little bee as he kept occupied with some light chores and washed his laundry while many of the Diamonds chose to remain in a state of hibernation under the covers. Afterwards he joined Bimp and Melvin for a little grooming session.

Over in the Ruby House it was Sulu who was up bright and early feeling high on life. The Zambian spent the morning running up and down the garden and working on sculpting his body. Hmmm, we can't help but wonder if the motivation behind his extra effort to look good has anything to do with his renewed interest in Selly.
By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Bassey and melvin are the strongest among all the house mates,very confident and creative in nature.the fact is that other mates emulate from them.while the worst is annabel' very lazy,lack woman mentalities also constant eating like a pregenat pig in a desert.even to cook,sweep or wash kitchen equipment she can't.and a threat ad very harsh to others.she will not escape sunday eviction am very sure.

  2. Melvin you are the Oga at the top.my vote to Melvin