Thursday, July 11, 2013

Daybreak: Bassey and His Alcohol

The Diamonds seemed to have had all the fun last night with drinking games and then some. One particular Housemate who seems to be having the time of her life when her hubby is in another House is Tanzania’s Feza who was seen licking a happy Melvin, from the lips down. Oneal would not be impressed, she had said.

Bassey who looked like he was out of it was a bit of a nuisance early this morning as he refused to be helped to bed. Bimp, always the gentleman, tried to take off his shoes and took him up to bed, all this time Bassey was refusing to be mothered, drunk as he was. Maybe he was enjoying the attention the Ethipiopian hottie was giving him, who knows?

However this morning he was up at the crack of dawn, early enough to join the others as they had their early morning exercise routine. This goes to show that he wasn’t all that drunk when he had gone to sleep. Bassey is always seeking attention and affection from his fellow Housemates. After having a cup of much-needed coffee, he and Cleo got cleaning, he was clearly making up for almost puking last night or his overall behavior under the pretense of being drunk. Get yourself together Bassey.

Do you think Bassey can handle his alcohol or was he just pretending to be drunk?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. I loved the ruby house yesterday, it was fun watching them especially Bassey

  2. this writer, anything I did not see myself, I will not believe watever u writer abt it, Now. Feza DID NOT lick Melvin's lips during the truth and dear game last nite, she actually dogged his lips wen she was dared to lick Melvin frm up top his nervel, even Dellish said "she dogged the Lips" in opposition

    Feza, commented that "her Boss in the other house will be pissed" (her words exactly), was said wen she was dared to grab Melvin's d----- for sm seconds inside his boxers, faze initially asked Melvin if he is "willing" b4 she then said it was too intimate, that her boss in the other house will be pissed. she was then asked to lick Melvin frm top to nevel and she dogged his lips wen doing it. the picture posted should be brought closer u all will see. by the way I am neither Feza's nor Oneal's fan. this is just wat happened.

  3. God so bless u for this vivid fact, i eatched it too and this Admin is crazy writin wht did'nt happen