Sunday, July 07, 2013

Daybreak: Booze Wars!

The House descended into chaos when the Rubies discovered that someone had stolen their booze, after the Channel O party.

Nothing in the world can cause drama in the Big Brother House more than alcohol can. Last night, the Chasemates almost came to blows after bottles of alcohol the Rubies had stashed in the bedroom upstairs, went missing.

Oneal, Sulu and Angelo made the shocking discovery, as they attempted to unwind with a few drinks following the debaucherous party, manned by Nigeria's DJ Xclusiv. When Angelo opened one of the bags which contained their booze stash, he made the shocking discovery. He quickly alerted Sulu and Oneal and it was decided that none of the Diamond Housemates would leave the House without being searched.

Angelo had a hunch that one of the bottles was in the garden and as soon as he had located the missing alcohol, booze thief Bassey quickly ran after him. An all-out booze tug of war was played out in the garden with Bassey trying to snatch the bottle away from Angelo. Cleo joined in and fortunately Angelo was able to run in with the stash, with the two Diamonds hot on his heels.

A livid Oneal and an angry Sulu ranted and raved in the lounge, with Sulu even threatening to throw the Diamonds out of the Ruby House.

Take a look at this hilarious video detailing how Bassey did it!

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. I stll fail 2 undrstnd y wuld Bassey steal alcohol whn he doesn't even drink & steal frm Sulu's bag nogal. Dat ws soo disrespectful of him 2 go through some1's stuff. Wsh biggy culd punish him 4 dat!!!!

  2. Biggies house is 4 fun n dramam I can rem a season of bba where is it D twins Eddy who uses to hide d house food n peeps belongings dat d lov so much.D drink tin was fun to watching but cleo ur in trouble

  3. What's d big deal.Afterall they didn't buy wt their money.Sulu and O,neal sometimes behave as if dey own the house....ish

  4. In fact its so annoying how the ruby guys especially Oneal and bassey like its they father's house. They feel superior to the diamonds wats d bid deal in alcohol? Did biggy bought it with Oneal's fathers moni?. So I don't understand why he will turn him self to minster of booze. Gosh I so dis like d guy I can't wait for him to get out of biggies bouse. Supid self righteous dude!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ur comment is annoying nd I dislike da way u think,ofcoz dey can fight 4 their booze coz dey work hard on their wager which is part of da booze nd lazy diamonds looses most times nd it doesn't have to b their fathers house for them to b free itisbig brothers house also nt urs u foo

  5. I was not impressed by what Bassey did. No one has a right to go through someones' personal belongings even if its for booze of which Diamond house had their share in the first place, there was no need to steal. It was not theirs to take. It was very disrespectful.

  6. Seriously think bassey has gone beyond a certain limit. Goin thru ppls stuff is a no no

  7. i don't blame no one.this is just the game. Cleo really loves boozy eksy.Biggy must just warn them since this kind of behavior is going to course crus drama.

  8. O'neal is just too bossy! Even telling Sulu to hate Cleo! Sulu use your head, dont let alcohol or Oneal control u!

  9. Hahahahaha,stealing booz, or hiding booz in biggie's house , all na part of the entertainment, at least we see smthing to watch. But next time. Diamond house try and win ur wager to stop stealing ppls drink.but all the same lols..Big up Biggie!! One love.