Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daybreak: Elikem's Fishy Surprise

While the rest of the House snored away, Elikem was engrossed in a strange conversation with a new friend.

Going to the bathroom for a quick shower can bring many surprises. Ask Elikem. While the Ghanaian Housemate settled in for a long bath after midnight, Big Brother's fish started talking to him. Elikem did not seem startled at all by this strange new Chasemates and instead had a lot of pertinent questions for the fish. "Since you're a magical fish, is Africa voting for me," he asked his fishy friend.

Elikem's reaction to the talking fish is in stark contrast to Evicted Chasemate Selly, whose reaction amused many across Africa. Elikem seemed comfortable with his new friend and opened up about many things, as he sat in the tub. Perhaps Pokello's Eviction this past Sunday has left the Ghanaian without a confidante? Looks like it.

The fish has asked Elikem to make a statue using toilet paper, which will be kept close to the aquarium. "We're bored. We need something to look at", the fish said.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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  1. But Elikeem is funny n entertaining.plz africa save him! Annanbel can go after all Bassey left.