Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Daybreak: JJ's Booty Shake

We know Biggie said that the Emeralds must come in to the House to shake things up but jeez we didn't think that he meant it literally!

Early this morning after the Housemates had their daily workout; JJ took to the garden for a little booty shaking session. He worked those hips of his, shaking like salt shaker and winded his pelvis like a clock on steroids. He also showed off some fancy footwork while doing Zumba dance moves. Well alrighty then JJ, go on with your bad self!

The Zimbabwean clearly got it all this morning and then some. After his dance session the chiselled entertainer did what he does best, and that is turning the garden into his own personal gym. It was quite a colourful workout that he had, peppered with amusing noises and funny faces.

Oooh that JJ, he is quite the entertainer isn't he? The young entertainer is obviously making use of his five minutes of fame in the House and who could blame him. Go ahead and work it JJ!

By Lihle Jacobs

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