Monday, July 01, 2013

Daybreak: 'My Man Elikem'

What do we have here? After denying him the privilege of tasting her goodies, Pokello has made an about turn and has started calling Elikem her man.

This is a far cry from the time when the Zimbabwean hottie was in the same House as the Ghanaian. Last week Friday, Pokello was separated from Elikem when she was switched from the Ruby House to the Diamond House.

In the early hours of this morning, Pokello went about town, referring to Elikem as her man. "My man owns and rides a bike", she told her fellow Housemates as they chatted in the bedroom.

Seems time apart has changed Pokello's mind about Elikem. Pokello and Elikem are super close. However, it seems Elikem's affections have waned since as early as last week.

After wanting her for weeks, the Ghanaian brewed a plan with Evicted Chaser, Bolt, as well as Fatima, to set the Zimbabwean straight.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. What actually does she want? Tell her to repent from the sin of unforgiveness. May God have mercy on us.Amen

  2. Wot makes her think dat Elikem s 4 real relationship.......
    4 ur information, HE s jst a player. D earlier u understand d better 4 u

  3. What crime has this person committed

  4. Don't waste your energy girl your instinct was right he is a player he didn't even nominate Feza the most jealous girl in history of BBA house

    1. Feza zn't jeolous bt smart,,,,,dis z a game poki shld knw knwz ekilem better thn her.

  5. The two will reconnect this friday am sure. Das why Ghana my beloved country will continue to vote pokello to stay.

  6. Elikem luv u nd pokello §o much!replace ur self wit sulu or angelo cos I dnt c d use of dem in d houz datz al.......

  7. Feza is playing real well