Thursday, July 04, 2013

Diary: Annabel and Oneal Sound Off!

Last night's Ruby hen and stag parties ended in tears when Annabel and Oneal had a disagreement over alcohol.

This afternoon, the two Rubies took to the Diary Room to dissect the drama in detail. First up in the hot seat was Oneal, who revealed how disrespected he felt at Annabel's actions. "Annabel took my booze without asking me. She was very combative and condescending towards me and I wasn't amused. Her actions were deliberate and showed a lot of immaturity. Her mission was obviously to disrespect me", Oneal said.

Oneal assured Big Brother that his composure helped keep a lid on a potentially disastrous situation. "I was in control, so there was no way the situation would have turned physical. I admit that in the heat of the moment I lost my cool, but I held my ground. Anyways, all that is water under the bridge now. I said hello to her this morning, but she's been sleeping all day, so I'm not sure if we're cool", the sexy Tswana Chasemate revealed.

There seem to be no hard feelings on Annabel's part either. "Me and Oneal are cordial. He's always willing to listen. I've been feeling sick so I've been sleeping but I'm sure nothing has changed," the Kenyan said.

When asked what the cause of the row could have been, Annabel told Biggie "Today is the big day. I think the nerves got to him".

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. I jst dnt love Annabel @ all wth dat 4evr gown of hers!, she hasn't bn geting any attention frm da guys & I think dat kinda hit her

  2. Annabel is such a liar she soooo desparate to get angelo she had a argument with oneal she went upstairs crying nd told the gals angelo offended her he disrespected her. She want angelo so bad she so obsses she even forget africa is watching mxm i hate her can't 4 him to go back to the diamond house