Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Diary: Are The Emeralds Hating On Each Other?

So the fake Emeralds’ concept was merely to prank the actual Chasemates into thinking there’s a third House with Housemates who are also playing the game to win the USD 300 000 grand prize. They seem to have forgotten their mission now that they are in the House and they are adapting mannerisms that irritate one another.

During the Movie Task that Biggie issued earlier today, Alusa and Sophie fought for the director’s seat while everyone else watched them bicker. In her Diary session, Jazz told Biggie that as much as the Emeralds are there on a mission, they are slowly getting on each other’s nerves with some adapting diva tendencies. She was referring particularly to Alusa and Sophie who made it hard for the rest of the group to carry on with the Task at hand.

“When Alusa and Sophie were fighting about who is the director, Busi couldn’t be bothered about the Task at all,” said the Kenyan beauty. As if to confirm Jazz’s observation, Busi was either standing in front of the glass door singing and looking at herself in her dress or walking around the garden doing her own thing. She was clearly not interested in brainstorming with her group members.

If this fighting continues then it’s obvious that they might let something slip about why they are there and the whole idea of them being there would be futile. It might look like the Emeralds are there for their own missions, other than the one Biggie roped them in for. This will not end in a good manner.

Do you think the Emeralds will be able to stick together and complete their mission?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Let's wait and see

  2. Biggie should just kick all out. They are starting to irritate.

  3. Let them go...they r so boring

  4. They've lost focus, goes to that it is not easy being in the BBA house