Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Diary: Elikem Plays Dangerous Games With People

So it might seem like our Ghanaian stud muffin Elikem might be toying with his fellow Housemates now that he’s been Nominated again and thinks he might be leaving come Sunday night’s Eviction Show, Angelo had shared with Biggie earlier.

Angelo said that Elikem would ask Selly to sit with him in the Jacuzzi so they could just talk, only to find out that he wanted to talk about what was happening with Nominations and so forth. Angelo strongly felt that because Elikem had been Nominated, he was slowly trying to get people to be his friend by playing games with them. That doesn’t seem like a bright idea but hey it’s Elikem we’re talking about here.

If our memory serves us correctly, Elikem has managed to burn all his bridges and potential friends on those bridges. Angelo wasn’t a bit remorseful about the fix the Ghanaian lad found himself in as he killed their friendship when he wanted to swap him last week. Oneal is also not a fan of Elikem’s because he swapped his woman to the Diamond House, even though Feza had requested the swap. Sulu always rolls with the masses, so he can forget an alliance there.

So it’s fair to say that Elikem needs all the friends he can get but no one seems keen, except Pokello, of course. Quit playing games Elikem, Africa might just save you.

Do you think Elikem still has a chance befriending any of the Rubies after all the games he has played?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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