Thursday, July 25, 2013

Diary: Emeralds Say Goodbye!

After being added to the game by Big Brother with the sole mission of confusing the Chasemates about a week ago, the Emeralds are exiting the game.

Alusa, Sophie, JJ, Busi, Eveva and Jazz sat in the big red Diary Room chair for the last time today and detailed their experiences in the Big Brother House.

Alusa extended his gratitude to Big Brother for affording him the opportunity to be a part of The Chase. When asked how the Emeralds mission had been achieved, Alusa. "We've added interest and a lot of drama, without a doubt. I'd say we've fulfilled 80 percent of our mission convincingly," the Kenyan said.

Sophie also concurred with Alusa's observations, expressing how their mission was fulfilled. "We did our best and didn't let the cat out of the bag. Our work is done," Sophie said. JJ revealed how challenging the Emeralds mission was because they didn't expect to fall in love with the Housemates. “Everyone in the House is absolutely amazing. This was an experience of a lifetime,” the Zimbabwean said.

Some of the Chasemates also weighed in on the Emeralds issue during their Diary Sessions. Annabel seems to be one of the few Housemates who think there is something fishy about the Emeralds. "I tend to critically analyse things and I'm never wrong. I'm still not convinced the Emeralds are real," the Kenyan said.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Shooo, what a relief

  2. No Buggy give them another chance they will go one by one every week pls , since they are here there's life.

  3. Biggie tanks 4sending them homeville.busi wanted to show off all her cloths at d same time poor girl n jj chasing delish like hail.eish he would hav raped delish ooooh cos d boy was so desprate.