Sunday, July 21, 2013

Diary: The Fear Of Evictions

As we all know Sundays are the most dreaded days of the week in Biggie’s House simply because the Housemates spend the whole day wondering who will be leaving The Chase by the end of the day. The Chasemates might try to be strong and not really care but we all know that each one of the Nominees is wondering whether Africa’s favour will be bestowed on them…or not.

In his Diary session, next week’s HoH Bimp told Biggie that he hopes that his decisions will be understood in the House referring to the fact that he saved himself earlier this week and shoved Sierre Leonean Bassey six feet under. Bimp felt bad about this because Bassey gets along with everybody and has never wronged anyone, much less him. “I’m not scared of anything but what people will say when they find out what I’ve done,” he said in a sad voice.

Elikem was not so sad about Evictions until Biggie asked him how he would react if Africa decided to Evict his beloved Pokello. “I’d be very sad but this is a game so I’d have to move on with my game, there is life after this show,” he said very optimistic. Clearly Elikem has come to terms with whatever verdict that’ll come out from tonight’s show. I guess that stance comes from being in the game for eight weeks straight, watching people leave every week, they get used to it.

Pokello analyzed the current situation in the House and guessed that Sulu might have saved Elikem because they are friends. This would mean that she is very comfortable with the fact that she’s most likely to leave this evening, especially because she has no true friends. The only person in the entire House who would’ve saved her is Bassey, but he’s also under the Eviction knife. As much as she expects to be out tonight, Pokello carried herself with the confidence we’ve all come to admire about her.

Who do you think is leaving tonight? Let us know why.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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