Sunday, July 14, 2013

Diary: 'I'll Learn My Lesson' - Melvin

This afternoon's Eviction Diaries were as depressing as they come.

Head of House Melvin looked down in the dumps as he attempted to put tonight's Eviction into perspective. In case you missed it, the Nigerian took a risky decision on Monday when he elected not to remove himself from this week’s possible Evictions list. Is he regretting the decision he made? According to the sexy model, no!

"I don't regret my actions in the least. However, I won't lie to you Big Brother, I'm nervous. Anyways, I feel everything in life is a lesson. Whatever happens happens. You either learn the hard way or the easy way", he mused. Annabel on the other hand seemed optimistic about her chances of survival tonight. "I'm positive I will stay. I have faith in myself and in Africa", the busty bombshell enthused.

Cleo on the other hand seemed a bit worried about the surprises Biggie might have in store during the Live Show tonight. "I think there will be some sort of merging going on tonight. We were so shocked when we saw the Emeralds last night. We're all really nervous. At this stage of the game, anything can happen", she said.

Elikem, as did his main squeeze Pokello, dissected Ruby Head of House Oneal's possible 'Swap' decision. "I think Oneal saved Natasha. People know that me and Oneal are close so they think I might be safe. However, Oneal is not the type that will do the obvious", Elikem said.

Elikem can breathe a huge sigh of relief tonight. Oneal saved him and put Selly's neck on the chopping block instead. As is the norm, Pokello was on the money with her Swap prediction. "Oneal probably saved Elikem. Oneal threw a subliminal message this morning when Elikem was getting his hair cut. I think he just might have saved him", the sexy Zimbabwean said.

Natasha chose to be philosophical about her chances tonight. "Sometimes your luck runs out. Anything can happen. People might save you for weeks on end and then decide not to", she said.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Please vote for Melvin. He is a good leader.

    1. Melvin must survive dis eviction or else I wouldn't use DSTV again n I will make sure all d peeps I know in life stop using it.HiTv awaits!

  2. This is Naija-Clor-POCObia! Meelvin you are SAVED!

  3. Melvin n cleo I gat ur bck

  4. melvin carry go ooo from nwa onitsha