Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Diary: Love and Marriage

As the Wedding Task is underway, Biggie decided to align his questions with this week’s theme and asked the Chasemates, in their Diary Sessions, about how they felt about true love and the institution of marriage. Some were rather skeptical about the idea while others felt it’s what’s life is about.

Ghana’s Selly, who’s been under the radar these past few days after Hurricane Nando, felt that true love was about the sacrifices one had to go through to make their partner happy. “If you love someone like that, then you will do anything for them,” she said with a smile on her face. I couldn’t help but feel that message was insinuating that she would have done anything for Nando had he not been the douche that he is.

Tanzanian student Nando said that he doesn’t believe in love and the only kind he knows is that of his parents. He was open to the fact that a different kind of love exists but he has never experienced it and would love to have someone show him how this kind of love feels. He insisted because he is such an adventurous lad, his description of what true love is would be different from what people normally view it as. “I don’t believe in flowers, chocolates, sleep overs and birthdays but I hope one day I do,” he said unconvinced. What we’d like to know is who hurt you Nando?

Diamond’s bride-to-be Cleo was all giggles in her session today, she just couldn’t contain her joy. She narrated about Hakeem’s second proposal and how pressured he felt with the first proposal hence he decided to do it again. His second attempt had his bride blushing like a teenage girl. “He was very nervous and emotional the second time around. It was the best thing ever, in fact it’s the highlight of my stay here,” she said trying to fight off her giggles. Even Biggie said he’d never seen her giggle in her Diary Sessions. It’s obvious that HaCleo is back on track and not a moment too soon thanks to Biggie’s Task this week, which seems to be the best by far.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Cleo u r da best!! Wishing u r ur man goodluck

  2. I wish them luck too if they are real.Naija-Clor-POCOBIA