Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Diary: Natasha The Gossip!

Oneal held no punches in his Diary Session this afternoon.

The Tswana Housemate dissected Natasha and revealed how the Malawian has been at the centre of all kinds of gossip in the Ruby House. "She makes a lot of desperate moves to ensure she gets saved or to ensure that she is not swapped to the Diamond House. She moves information from one Housemate to the next and tries to score brownie points with everyone who is Head of House", Oneal said.

Does this mean Oneal could just shuttle Natasha off to the Diamond House on Friday, to shake things up a tad? Looks likely. Speaking of the House swap, another Chasemate who does not want to set foot in the Diamond House is Sulu.

The Zambian turned his nose up at the Diamonds, who he says are a bunch of disorganised thieving drunks. "All they know is fun. There is no order, they steal and they are so disorganised. The prospect of going there is giving me sleepless nights. I heard that the Diamonds want to take me to their House by force. I don't want to go", he revealed.

Oneal is holding his cards to his chest and hasn't revealed who he is considering to move to the Diamond House.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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  1. hopeful she wil b swaped to th diamond thd friday!