Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Diary: Oneal Thinks He Has Feza Figured Out

It’s amazing how Oneal thinks he has everyone and everything figured to the tee. I mean the man has an opinion for decades and boy can he carry on, especially about his woman Feza. In his Diary Session earlier he had a lot to say to Biggie about his beau and her game.

“Feza had asked me to bring her back this Friday and I think that is a good idea because there’s a lot we need to iron out between us,” he had said trying to make Biggie understand where his relationship with her stands at this particular juncture.

He first narrated a tale of how Feza’s game has changed from the beginning of the game and where it stands at the moment, with her being his woman in the House. “She was advised that in order for you to do well in the game as a female, you need to align yourself with the Nigerians. Now in this case the Nigerian was Melvin,” he said. He further said when that plan didn’t materialize Feza had then thought of a guy she had seen earlier in the game and decided to pursue him rather. “I think Oneal was sort of a rebound guy while she was playing around,” he added, speaking about himself in the third person.

Oneal explained to Biggie that amidst all the games she was playing, she hadn’t banked on developing feelings for him thus finding herself in a catch 22 type of situation. It was a situation where her heart was going against her game, or so Oneal thought.

Feza has grown into her game on The Chase whether she’s attached to Oneal or not. For all we know, Oneal’s possibly part of her game, it would make good sense for a chick to align herself with one of the strongest contenders in The Chase but it doesn’t seem that our Botswanan boy has caught up to that thought, it’s probably not a possibility for him given the innocent fa├žade Feza has going when she’s with him. It’s safe to say that our Oneal has a lot to learn about his wife because she has shown us a lot more than he would ever know about her character. You are not that good Oneal.

Do you think Oneal has his girl figured out or is he just grasping at straws?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Oneal shld not push the relationship. It is a matters of the heart. He shld learn to stay witout feza and play his game while feza on her own need a break frm oneal. Maybe the guy is too much on her.

  2. This Mr. Know it all is been played and he's just too proud and to admit it.

  3. Oneal am not a fan!

  4. Africa, abeg VOTE MELVIN. As for Oneal, the very next time he is up for eviction, he will leave the BB House. This much I know!

  5. His fans say he is intelligent i disagree, assumptions assumptions all the time. He should figure himself first.

  6. Yes assumptions,Feza might even play herself also in the process of playing Oneal who knows that Oneal is also playing Feza remember everyone is looking at the ultimate prize

  7. Oneal Mr I know it all, ll c how far it ll carry u.advice..better concentrate on d money and stop assuming cos it ll boot u out of d game soon.