Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Diary: Sharing Is Caring

They say that sharing is caring and one must never tire of doing good especially for others. But this is not how things work in Biggie’s House as people are now opting to hide their stuff from others as opposed to sharing with them.

In her Diary session, Emerald Housemate Busi had to tell Biggie why the other Housemates are forced to hide their products from the rest. Biggie was asking Busi specifically because her fellow Housemate Jazz had complained in her Diary session earlier that Busi takes and uses her products without asking her first. So in a way Biggie wanted to find out what Busi thought about people using other people’s things without asking but of course Busi didn’t understand what he was driving at.

Busi told Biggie that she doesn’t understand why her fellow Housemates would hide their things from others. “Sophie and I were actually talking about the very same thing Biggie, I don’t know how they do things in this house,” she said trying to make sense of this.

Apparently the soap in the House was finished and so some Housemates helped themselves to someone else’s soap. This is where the situation stemmed from or so Busi thought. She said that there are Housemates who have their own soaps but are not willing to share with others. However, she never mentioned the fact that she was one of the Housemates using people’s products without permission. Talk about pointing fingers, Busi.

Do you think that Housemates should share their hair/skin products with one another?

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Guyz plz who is busi d fake hsemate dressin up 4? She is now d new pokelo hahahahaha

  2. Y is oneal lik dis?? His tooooooo wicked 4my his age! Sorry man!

  3. Busi u r far from being Pokello. Stop acting like her