Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Dillish and Bassey Keep Flirting Together

It seems that flirting is the closest thing to a connection a guy would get when it comes to Namibian beauty Dillish. Bassey tried his luck in out-flirting Dillish and fell short as the beauty told him she not just a flirt but also a tease. Of course Africa already knew this.

What had started out as an innocent chat between Housemates ended up being a heated conversation about who’s the best flirt. “One of my characteristics is flirtatious, I’m very flirtatious,” Dillish told her buddies in a her sexiest voice. She went on to say that she’s so flirtatious that girls would think she’s hitting on them. Here we got to see a rather big-headed Dillish but who knows, maybe she’s right.

Bassey simply told her that he’s not that much of a flirt, with his finger sexily playing over his mouth. He couldn’t have been serious, right. Not after he had been giving Dillish sexy looks this evening.

Could it be a coincidence that both Houses are talking about relatively the same topic? This situation is really getting stressful for The Chasers, Biggie.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Hormones nd sex tension.dey r young pipo,its only nature.